“A Cloaked Spectre is Warping through New Eden”


[problems with npc functions in the economy]


Fixed price economy

Unbeknownst to most there is an invisible hand influencing New Eden. This cold hand has been influencing the economy of EVE since its earliest beginnings. Most never imagine or consider these small facts of EVE life. When you have grown up in water, you do not notice it at all. Way back in time some might remember the very obvious planned economy problems, and how they were eventually removed, in a Glastnost and Peristroika like public demand. This was the npc price floor. First in the lifeblood of EVE, the mineral markets, and later in the public transportation monopoly of the shuttle sellers. The walls have not fallen yet, we are still fully drenched in the filth of the nepotistic and tyrannical planned economy of the faction overlords.


All your bases are belong to us.

In every station of New Eden we can see the planned economy at its finest. We have a price fixed system that lets no man have the freedom to compete equally on a free market of services. Rental is a ghetto like system with landlords that are not allowed to change the rent of its clients. Its first come first served and for everyone else its empty storefronts with queues all the way back to the ancient gate in the system New Eden. People dreaming of days before the Second Genesis, back when populations were fewer and service was available for almost everyone. Even from the first era the populations rose too fast for the state operated services to keep up, and the empty stores have been a problem since then. You can not rent facilities for research into resource efficiency, if we didn’t know better we would think it was controlled for the purpose of keeping consumption of raw materials high to uphold a big labor force of servants. First this was controlled, and fixed price office rental problems, causing congested stations, and no market for small and medium businesses. Most were held by old family mobsters and oligarch. This was eventually deregulated and a more healthy and natural price and market developed. The State conscripted and monopolized researchers however are still held in an iron grip and no effective way exists to break this duopoly, between state and state endorsed old corporations.


Strawman land

These old corporations are enjoying huge benefits in the current system of governing. They defend the current illusion of free markets, and claiming they are sharing their profits with the shareholders. This all while not being openly traded, and not allowing proper oversight to the public and the people at large. They are old oligarchical structures, old family wealth prancing in the guise of liberal markets. With these opaque operations anything resembling responsibility and accountability is obliterated. When they need to avoid scrutiny they merely collaborate with the faction state entities as strawmen. Thus totally externalizing any potential losses and consequence.

Caleb Ayrania



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